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6 Benefits Of Cupuacu Butter

If you’re passionate about keeping your skin youthful and glowing, then you’ll want to invest in a body butter product. There are many different types of body butters to choose from and sometimes it can be overwhelming to discover which option is best for your skin. Whether you’re looking to use it as an ingredient in a DIY skincare creation, or you want to use it raw, we want to share all of the great benefits that you can gain from using cupuacu butter.

How to Pronounce ‘Cupuacu’

Before we go over all of the great cupuacu butter benefits, let’s start by sharing how this word is pronounced and where it comes from. Pronounced in three syllables, cupuacu is broken up into kuh-poo-kuh. This is a Brazilian term that is used to describe the native fruit from which this skincare ingredient is extracted.

Six Cupuacu Butter Benefits


1. More Youthful Looking Skin

As you age, your skin can start to show wear in the form of wrinkles. The most common are around the eyes and the jaw. Fortunately, cupuacu has been shown to be an amazing anti-aging solution. Due to its high antioxidant nutrients, cupuacu effectively works to eliminate wrinkles from the skin over time.

2. Enhanced Hair Growth

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with fast hair growth. If you’re constantly struggling to grow out your locks, consider using cupuacu butter as a regular hair mask. This compound offers rich nutrients that directly feed your hair follicles. With repeated use, you’ll notice your hair is not only growing faster, but it’s healthier too.

3. Soft and Moisturized Skin

If you struggle with dry skin, it can leave you feeling itchy and unconfident. Cupuacu butter has the unique trait of being able to retain up to 440% of its weight in water. This makes it a miracle moisturizer that can combat dry skin by locking in that much-needed moisturizer. You’ll get to feel the optimal moisturizing effect of cupuacu butter the very first time you apply it.

4. Acne-Free Complexion

Acne is one of those skin problems that just never seems to go away. That is until you start to use cupuacu butter. This all-natural compound offers many powerful antioxidants that have been shown to kill off the bacteria that causes acne breakouts. Additionally, cupuacu butter will work to encourage new cell growth and a faster healing time for skin that has been affected by acne.

5. Moisturized Lips

The dry winter weather can wreak havoc on your lips as they don’t have any oil glands to stay moisturized. Even worse, UV exposure from the sun can also reduce moisture in your lips and leave them feeling chapped and uncomfortable. Cupuacu better instantly works to deeply moisturize your lips and provide much-needed relief. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about using harmful steroids that are found in many over-the-counter chapsticks.

6. Sun Protection

Cupuacu butter contains high levels of Vitamin E, which is a known protectant from the sun’s deadly UV rays. You can use cupuacu as your ideal sunscreen to prevent the long-term effects of being in the sun, like premature aging, wrinkling, and other skin damage.

If you’re still struggling with finding a way to actively moisturize and protect your skin, then look no further than cupuacu butter. This all-natural substance is perfect for revitalizing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin against the sun and the effects of the natural aging process. At Better Shea Butter you can buy this little-known treasure with the confidence that you’re getting a high-quality, organic product.