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Best Ways to use Dry Flowers in your DIY Products

Best Ways to use Dry Flowers in your DIY Products

Our dry flowers are extra fragrant, with no added chemicals. This all natural ingredient comes in four selections right now on Better Shea Butter. Roses, Chamomile, Lavender, and Calendula. These are our favorite ones, and they’re full of skin care benefits. There are so many ways to use dry flowers in your DIY products, so we are giving you some ideas. You’re welcome!

Dry Flowers in Skin Care

In Soaps, dry flowers not only add fragrance, they also add a gentle exfoliation to your DIY’s. Try making this simple rose soap from Hello Glow, which uses shea butter melt and pour soap & Dry Roses.

In scrubs, the mixture of floral fragrance, skin vitamins, and pop of color will make for one luxurious bath scrub! Here’s one of our favorite recipes.

You can use lotion bars and massage bars with dry flowers, increasing the skin vitamins and potential for more locked-in moisture. Using specific dry flowers can calm skin, help with eczema, and gently exfoliate while the lotion bar moisturizes. We love this luxurious calming lotion bar with dry lavender.

Bath bombs are a real treat. Add to your spa-like experience with fragrant & all natural dry flowers. When the bath bomb melts, you will have fragrant flowers floating at the top of the water. The bath bomb tutorial from Lovely Greens looks so soothing, it makes you want to make one and pop it in the tub right now.

Milk baths leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and moisturized. The fat and protein feed skin the nourishment it craves. The lactic acid helps to clean and  gently exfoliate the skin, so you will have baby soft skin by the time you get out of the tub. Add dry flowers to the mix, and the moisture will stay locked in. The bath water will also smell divine. This milk bath looks like something to take after a long, hard day.

Face steams open those pores and loosen up blockages in the skin. Our dry flowers have anti-bacterial properties, and even have anti-anxiety or calming effects. After your facial steam, you can cleanse with cool water and have a wonderfully clean and clear feeling. We like this facial steam recipe, which uses rose, lavender, and chamomile.

Linens & Household

Dry flowers can be used around the home just as much as they can be used in skin care recipes. Lavender Linen Spray will not only keep your sheets smelling divine, they will help you to fall asleep with the soothing fragrance of lavender. We love this recipe, and can’t get enough! An all natural way to fall asleep faster and have fresh scented sheets in the process? We’ll take it.

You can also take a sachet and put your dried flowers in them. Put them in drawers, under your pillows, and around the house for a fragrant floral smell in your home.

Extra Fun

Imagine this, you just got married, you are ready for your send off, and you’re expecting pesky white rice to be thrown around you. But, you are pleasantly surprised to find guests throwing dry flower confetti as you exit! Not only is it romantic and fragrant, it’s actually good for the environment. It won’t harm any birds or animals. Simply roll up some paper cones, and fill them with your dry flowers. Give them out to wedding guests to use for your perfect send-off. Roses, Lavender, Chamomile, or any other dry flower will make awesome wedding confetti.

There are hundreds of ways you can use dry flowers in your DIY products. Whether it is for skin care, household products, or something a bit more fun, we have you covered. Buy your dry flowers here from Better Shea Butter, they are the best quality around. We know, because we hand select every product before it becomes available on our site to you. Enjoy your DIY’s!