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Cocoa Butter vs. Coconut Oil

Cocoa Butter vs Coconut Oil – Which to Use for Skin Care

If you want healthy, beautiful skin, you likely have heard that using coconut oil or cocoa butter can offer several benefits. When you compare cocoa butter vs coconut oil, you might wonder whether one of these natural products might offer some advantages over the other. Here are some great reasons why you might want to consider adding these natural substances to your daily regimen so that you can achieve the beautiful, healthy glow you want.

What is cocoa butter?

Cocoa (or cacao) butter is a fatty substance that is sourced from cacao beans. The beans are harvested and roasted before they are stripped and pressed to separate out the butter. Phytochemicals that are contained in cacao butter and cocoa are thought to provide health benefits for your skin and body.

Benefits of using cacao butter in your skin care regimen

Cacao butter is rich in fatty acids. This provides it with the ability to nourish and hydrate your skin and improve its elasticity. The fat contained in cacao butter helps to protect the skin and help it to retain moisture.

The phytochemicals in cocoa butter are believed to improve the flow of blood to your skin. They also help to protect against damage from the sun and to slow the aging process. Cacao butter can be used to smooth wrinkles and scars. Many women use cacao butter lotions to help to prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy. It might also help to heal rashes caused by dermatitis and eczema. Finally, cacao butter is great for sensitive skin and has a richly sweet scent that can add an uplifting feeling.

What is coconut oil?

Coconut or copra oil is derived from the meat or kernel of coconuts from the coconut tree. This edible oil is known as a superfood, but it also offers benefits for your skin.

Because of the composition of fatty acids contained in coconut oil, it is a good moisturizer that can help to soothe dry skin. It also has antimicrobial properties that allow it to protect your skin from microorganisms. Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, allowing it to reduce inflammation and speed wound healing. Finally, the antimicrobial properties of this oil might help to fight acne.

Cocoa Butter vs. Coconut Oil

Cocoa butter vs coconut oil: The verdict

While cocoa butter might come out on top for the benefits it offers to your skin, coconut oil also offers several benefits. Using both of these natural products in your skin care regimen might help you to derive greater overall benefits than using one alone. Better Shea Butter offers a wide selection of natural ingredients for skin care. To learn more about the benefits of cacao butter or coconut oil products for skin, contact us today or browse our catalog of great natural products for your skin.

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2 responses to “Cocoa Butter vs Coconut Oil – Which to Use for Skin Care

  1. I’m 37 weeks pregnant & have been using coco butter the entire time on my belly & have recently added coconut oil to my skin care routine in the evenings, so far I don’t have not even 1 stretch mark on my belly!!! I haven’t gained much weight either so I think it’s a combo of both using moisturizer daily & eating very healthy to ensure I don’t get out of hand with my weight, I’m only 4ft 11 so I know my body can’t handle too much extra weight, so far tho using these 2 as moisturizers has paid off tremendously! Wld recommend using both to any pregnant lady out there.

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