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Back 2 Basics: DIY Shea, Mango, & Cocoa Body Butters

Back 2 Basics: DIY Body Butters

We’re going back to basics with DIY Body Butters. In this recipe & video we show you how to make body butters using 3 different butters, Shea, Mango, & Cocoa Butter!

After publishing many DIY Skincare recipes over the years I decided to circle back and cover the basic fundamentals of making body butters that I have learned and use often. Included are three very simple recipes showing the use of some of these basics.

Ingredients & Instructions

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Shea Body Butter

Mango Body Butter

Cocoa Body Butter

  • 8 oz Cocoa Butter

  • 3 oz Almond Oil (or carrier oil of choice)

  • 25 drops of an essential oil of choice, for this I used orange essential oil which came out nice


Uses and Benefits

My three go-to butters for skincare products are Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and Cocoa Butter.

As you may notice in most recipes you can use about 60% butter to 40% oil and you come out with nice balanced body butter. There are different methods to make the final product come out the way you want it, as described above. You can then have fun with the essential oils you like. You can add colors you want using mica and put your final product in fun containers to make it unique and just the way you like it.

I hope you enjoyed this. Contact us with any thoughts or questions.

Recipe video