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Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

The Benefits Of Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil Benefits

There are a ton! This oil is simple, powerful, and effective. We’ve even called it our “unicorn” of oils before because it is so special. Not just for DIYs but for single-ingredient skincare.

Rosehip seed oil has the ability to soften lines from aging, it treats dark spots and discoloration, fades scars, moisturizes, and hydrates like you’ve never experienced before!

There is a reason so many companies are starting to use rosehip seed oil in their products. But you know what is the absolute best? Using rosehip oil as a solo product. This way it is fee of chemicals and other fillers.

What Is Rosehip Seed Oil?

It is an oil extracted from the seeds of the Rosa Canina rose bush. There are several other kinds of bushes this oil can be extracted from but this is the main one and is the one that has been heavily studied, tested, and put through trials showing its great benefits.

The best kind is Rosehip Oil that is pure Rosa Canina. Some products will use Rosa Canina, but in such a small amount that you barely can retain any benefit from it. You are best off using a single ingredient product or at the very least, one in which Rosa Canina is among the first three ingredients listed. At Better Shea Butter we use pure Rosa Canina so there is no dilution.

The oil is a yellow-orange color. It unfortunately does NOT have a rose scent to it- the scent is more earthy. It is a slightly thicker oil that absorbs beautifully into the skin.

Rosehipseed oil benefits

Please see our informational video below:

Beneficial Nutrients In Rosehip Seed Oil

It is a dry oil that is noncomedogenic and non-irritating which makes it fantastic for acne prone skin. In fact- it can even help fade acne scarring over time! Read our specific article on Rosehip Seed oil for acne prone skin here.

If your face is prone to inflammation, rest easy using rosehip seed oil. It has many anti-inflammatory properties that feel incredibly healing on the face. This oil is high in fatty acids- which the skin loves.

Rosehip Oil is also very high in Vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is a natural retinol- which helps with cell turnover. Vitamin C is great for protecting the skin against free radicals and aiding in collagen production. It is so pure that it is perfectly safe for children and pregnant Moms.

Uses For Rosehip Seed Oil

There are many fantastic uses for our rosehip seed oil!

The first is skincare. Rosehip seed oil on its own is a wonderful night serum. Use it alone or on top of moisturizer and let it sink in before getting to sleep. Because of its earthy yellow color- it can stain if it’s not properly sunken into the skin yet.

Rosehip seed oil is also great in moisturizers if you ever want to create your own. Alone or in a moisturizer, you will find that your skin is very hydrated even after one use! This oil is also great in hair and lip serums- adding a nutrient-dense packed punch to whatever you are whipping up!

For DIYs- lotions, body butters and balms… rosehip seed oil makes for a wonderful carrier oil.

Rosehip seed oil benefits

Testimonials Of Our Rosehip Seed Oil

“[This rosehip seed oil] has helped heal some acne hyper pigmentation I had without clogging my pores. I have started wearing it day and night, just using less during the day. I’m extremely acne prone and this oil hasn’t caused any problems.” -Melinda, 5 stars

“This is fabulous stuff!! I mix about 3-4 drops of the Rosehip oil with 3-4 drops of organic jojoba oil and put this on my face each night before I go to bed. After only 3 days I could already see an improvement in my complexion. Now – almost 2 weeks later my skin is soft, clear and FABULOUS. Cannot speak highly enough about this product.” -Christen Battenfield, 5 stars

“Every product I’ve tried from Better Shea Butter, I’ve LOVED. And I love love love this product. I’ve been working diligently trying to find an all natural and effective beauty routine and I’ve finally found it! I wash my make-up off with olive oil (it removes all my make-up and moisturizes my face at the same time) I then follow up with the African Black Soap (which I also love!) The Rosehip Seed Oil is my moisturizer. My skin feels so soft after I use it and my face actually craves it. This routine has vastly helped with my skin. I come from good skin genes but have some problem areas to the left and right of my chin (so lower cheeks close to my mouth) and this has helped dramatically. Highly recommend this product.” -Amanda Barrier, 5 stars

“This is the third time I’m buying this Rosehip Oil. There is nothing like it when I need to calm down my skin, or have been in the sun too long, or want an extra boost of moisture. I add a drop of this into my foundation which really improves application and coverage. I just love this brand and company.” – Nita, 5 Stars

“I’ve been using rosehip oil on my face for quite sometime now. It makes my face feel softer and I have seen a significant improvement with brown spots and wrinkles. It’s also the only oil that works on my dry face. I suffer from eczema and it has helped so much. I also reside in Alaska and boy does the weather here mess with ones skin. I love my rosehip hip oil so much. I’ve also started using the butter shea lotion and it helps so much with dry skin and eczema as well. One more thing that I love about ordering from here is that their products are organic and arrive on a timely manner. Thank you for such great products.” -Pamela Garcia

Rosehip Seed Oil Recipes And Where To Buy

You can purchase our 100% pure, organic and cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil here!

Be sure to follow our Instagram which has many DIY tutorial videos in the highlights! Many of them include rosehip seed oil recipes! We are @BetterSheaButter