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Better Shea Butter

Why Better Shea Butter?

Why Better Shea Butter?

We like to think that we have some of the best Raw Shea Butter out there. We import small quantities at a time from Ghana, so it can then be the freshest it can be for our customers. Our butter is creamy and easy to use directly on your skin and hair. Not only that, but it is also perfect to mix with other natural ingredients. Use it to make the lotion of your choice! Why Better Shea Butter?

We differentiate ourselves from others in that we are not ambiguous about what we offer our customers. It is either Ivory Shea Butter or Yellow Shea Butter. Both of them are Raw, Unrefined and Organic (not yet certified organic, but we are working on it).

Here are some photos (un-retouched) of our Shea Butters which clearly show the texture and color of our products:

Ivory Shea Butter
Yellow Shea Butter

Other companies offer only one type of Shea Butter, which is between Ivory and Yellow. As a test, we have ordered 1LB from the one of the Amazon top sellers of Shea Butter. This is what we received (un-retouched):

This is NOT our Shea Butter – thank goodness…

We have to add that the smell was rancid and the texture was sticky and not creamy and dense like we expected. Maybe it was a bad batch, or maybe this is just the way that Shea Butter is, we will really never know. Instead will focus on providing you fresh, higher quality Raw Shea Butter, Ivory or Yellow, period.

Thank you for choosing us, we really appreciate every order and every one of our loyal customers.

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